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Find Out How Financial Aid Can Make College a Reality

Discover financial aid options at the state level for both Tennessee and North Carolina.

Earning a college degree can be expensive, but a wide variety of financial aid opportunities exist. Tennessee and North Carolina both offer scholarships, grants, loans and other forms of financial aid to help students continue their education. In addition to state financial aid, there is also federal aid available to students who qualify. These are the different types of financial aid at the state level that can help make college a reality. 

Financial Aid in Tennessee 

Tennessee has great financial aid options for incoming students. The Tennessee Education Lottery Programs offer scholarships to first time students. The most popular is the Tennessee HOPE scholarship; Tennessee students must have a minimum ACT score of 21 and must enroll within 16 months of graduation from high school. Another scholarship the lottery program offers is the General Assembly Merit Scholarship, which is given to high school students who graduate with a 3.75 GPA and receive a 29 or better on the ACT.

The Tennessee Promise Scholarship is a new form of financial aid that encourages students to attend an eligible postsecondary school. Students will receive aid for the full tuition of a two-year school. In order to receive the aid, students must attend mandatory meetings and participate in a mentoring program.

Financial aid opportunities are abundant in Tennessee. Find out how much you could potentially receive in financial aid before you make a decision that you can’t attend because tuition is too expensive. To learn more about all of the financial aid opportunities in Tennessee, click here.  

Financial Aid in North Carolina

North Carolina also offers great financial aid opportunities at the state level. The state has scholarship, grants, loans and work-studies available to eligible students. Grants are awarded on a financial need basis, while scholarships are awarded based upon academic achievement. Similar to Tennessee, North Carolina has a lottery program called North Carolina Education Lottery Scholarship. It provides financial assistance to North Carolina resident students who demonstrate need. Applicants must attend eligible colleges and universities in North Carolina and complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid. To learn more about all of the financial aid opportunities offered at the state level in North Carolina, click here

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